Things to Do Before Servicing Your Vehicle

Your car is very dearly and we know that. And there might have been a few times where your car might have been through a rough phase. This is when you need servicing. Servicing your vehicle is important but what more important is, doing servicing of your car the right way.  

This is the reason, there are a few things you need to know before you send your car for servicing –

1.    The right auto body shop – You will get a lot of body shops around you for servicing your car. But how to make sure which one is the best option for you? Always trust someone who has a long history of work. A reputed body shop is likely to have the professional mechanics available. No matter what you do, do not ever forget to do the following

a.    Don’t forget to take recommendation from your friends or family.
b.    A reputed auto body shop is likely to have an online reputation so look for online reviews or any local recommendations.
c.    Ask the right questions like whether or not they are approved by AAA, do they give written estimates, what is their warranty scheme and where they provide warranty and where they don’t.
d.    Tell them clearly about your car problem. The more you can speak well about your problem the more they can relate to your problem and treat your car well.

2.    Review everything properly – Before you go ahead and make a deal, make sure that you carefully review and understand their price and billing process. here is what you need to do
a.    The estimate copy should be signed and it should include all the information that has been recommended for repairing, needed parts, estimated labor charges. Above all, you need to give a pre-approval before adding additional work and time to the job.
b.    Ask them about the rates beforehand. Some body shops ask for hourly rates.
c.    Read the warranty part carefully.
d.    When the old parts are being repaired, always ask to see that.

3.    The end part – The end part is about asking them when they will be able to hand over you the car. Check the invoice properly before you take your car back. If you can, ask for a test drive before you pay the bill.

These things are really important to consider before you get your car serviced. However, “Auto Body Repair Vancouver City” is the best body shop in Vancouver providing services for a long time now.

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