Frequently Asked Questions About Collision Repairing

You may have been through situations when you have paid a hefty amount on your car collision repairing. And yes we know it is indeed difficult for you to deal with the same over and over again.

You must have a lot of questions in your mind about collision repair in Vancouver and honestly these are frequently asked questions.

Let’s see what those are –

1.    Will the car be same after the repair – It is indeed not possible for you to trust your car after it has been through an accident. You may feel that it will never be in the road again. However, with the technology and skill of the technicians that work in collision repair, many cars that seem to be totaled are restored back to almost new condition. While no vehicle will ever be back to its original condition, the repairs can make it reliable and safe again.

2.    Will the new paint match the color of the car – Well, since your car have destroyed its own color, it won’t be possible for you to rematch the color of the car. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to match the paint of a particular car, but with today’s newer vehicles that is not an issue. Most cars carry a paint code on a plate either under the hood, a door jamb, or in the trunk. This code will give the exact manufacturer’s color formula that most paint suppliers can match easily.

3.    Do I need to pay if the estimate is more than the insurance estimate – You pay your insurance company a premium in the event you do have an accident? This premium is to ensure they will deliver your car in pre-accident condition. If the estimate is more than they had estimated, they are still obligated to pay for the vehicle, less any deductible.

4.    How long will the repair take – It actually depends on the amount of damage that has been done. Simple fender benders can take 48 hours or less, while a more extensive collision repair may take weeks to a few months to get everything back to pre-accident condition.

5.    How soon can I repair can I wash the car – No car repair shop will return the vehicle dirty after the repairing. They will have already washed it to make sure they have made all the body repairs correctly. After the paint dries you can drive it as you normally would. This means washing it whenever you feel the need to.

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